rough play

fred johnson started a discussion on August 6th

i have a 3 year old female beagle/basset and a 1 year old male boxer both love to play together, at times it seems rough beagle clamps down on boxers legs (he doesn't cry)and a few times the beagle is not interested and has gotten aggressive usually the play is harmless. How do i control this behavior without eliminating it? I think the play is good just seems to be alot. how do people feel about shock collars? KB: I would only allow them to play outside because this will tend to exert a calming effect and keep things from escalating. The natural order of things is that the smaller female dog will run the bigger male dog so they will probably find their set points without violence on their own. However, using attention as your metric of connection, playing indoors and letting dogs sleep on bed will reduce this capacity. Do not use a shock collar as will increase tendency toward aggression.
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