"Bird Language" and Constructal Law

Willem started a discussion on February 5th

I've been involved in a renaissance in animal tracking and nature observation that has been going on for a couple decades now. Part of this renaissance involves re-examining how we look at birding, focusing instead on what-the-birds-are-telling-us rather than traditional, semi-competitive life-listing ("how-many-birds-you've-personally-seen"). This view of birds looks for patterns called "concentric rings", ripples that move outward in the bird family from a central event, for example a fox hunting, or a hiker walking through the forest. I'm certain that there is amazing cross-pollination possible with Canine Constructal Law and Bird Language. I hope Kevin and other NDT folks will check it out. http://birdlanguage.com/bird-language/


Garth Olson about 3 years ago
I also have been in the animal tracking and bird language path for close to 20 years and learning to read the signs of nature. I have recently found Kevin Behans work "your dog is your mirror" book and YouTube and podcasts, and it really touches me as an important part of this path. I have also read "design in nature" and find the constructal law important. It's very exciting to have all these teachings meet and be so different yet so compatable. Hoping to learn and share all these with other trackers. Thanks Garth
Willem about 3 years ago
Here's a 2 minute video that really illustrates the "concentric rings" of bird language theory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYFsvow6-HY
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